Finding Vulnerabilities

After An App Has Been Deployed


Help us create an amazing product that you will love!

We’re changing the way container security is done by providing security insights in the early development phases to help our customers save time and reduce risk.

Here’s how it works…

BlueLantern integrates with your existing development tools and CI/CD pipeline

Creates a comprehensive profile of your application taking into account legacy code AND containers

Apply Static Analysis and Software Composition Analysis to find first and third party vulnerabilities

We then look at the context of those vulnerabilities and assess the potential for becoming an exposure before it’s deployed to production

Making sure you know what the most important items to fix are and saving the rest for when you’re feeling ambitious!

We’re building BlueLantern now. We need people like you to try our beta and let us know how we’re doing. Click the button below, give us some information, and the BlueLantern team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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