Find Container Security Issues Sooner With BlueLantern’s Static Analysis

Securing An App Involves More Than Just Published Vulnerabilities

BlueLantern provides broad security coverage of your containerized application by applying Static Analysis Security Techniques (SAST) to find potential weaknesses that your application code contains. By applying both source and binary scanning as applicable to all the layers of your container image down to the operating system, we find commonly overlooked issues and errors that enable SQL Injection, Buffer Overflow, Cross-site scripting. And we find many more common code weaknesses with or without source code.

Small Changes Early Have Big Impacts Later

Static Analysis enables teams to approach security proactively in the early development phases, when it is less effort and risk to make changes. BlueLantern scans for weaknesses in the application code to give insights about how the weakness could be exploited when deployed. By building with security in mind, you will reduce the risk of vulnerabilities being deployed to production, leading to less potential for exposures overall. Discovering weaknesses gets more time consuming and costly the later in the development lifecycle they are found – especially if they have been deployed to production.

Prevent Vulnerabilities From Accumulating

The average containerized application grows quickly, consisting of hundreds of images. Mitigating exposures can become insurmountable, especially if you’re trying to apply traditional security methods. That’s why we use code commits and build events to start scans. At these points in the development workflow, newly created code is fresh in a developer’s mind and ops teams are acutely aware of new artifacts making remediation easier. Additionally, BlueLantern’s scans go through the individual layers of each container, down to the OS, to surface and prioritize results effectively.

If you’re one of the many organizations migrating an application to container technology, you will benefit from this approach as much as those who started their applications with containers. As a legacy application is decomposed into containers, scanning each commit ensures weaknesses and vulnerabilities don’t accumulate and security doesn’t degrade with each new container.

Make Container Security Decisions Easy

Security professionals account for only a small part of an organization’s technology team, if they are a part of one at all. With this model in mind, BlueLantern is focused on making results of any security analysis easy to understand. Knowing which issues are most important and how simple or complicated the fix should be is paramount. With concise and actionable information as our goal, we’re developing an easy-to-read results dashboard so teams can see at a glance the priority, severity, and downstream impacts of each issue. Additionally, BlueLantern provides recommendations for how to resolve issues to help reduce your mean time to remediate.

We’re building BlueLantern now and need people like you to try our beta and let us know how we’re doing. Click the button below, give us some information and the BlueLantern team will reach out as soon as possible.

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